Polku (Finnish for Trail) is a location-based storytelling application for mobile phones. Support for the prototype development of Polku was granted by Medialiito as part of the ThinkInk competition which selected innovative ideas in regards to digital storytelling.

Together with Johanna Lumme I proposed the development of a platform that allows creators to create ánd distribute location-based narratives. Location-based storytelling can be a novel and engaging experience, but for many storytellers the technical development of such an experience presents a barrier. With Polku we aim to close this gap and allow for more and easier exploration of this type of storytelling.

The prototype was made over the course of about two months in which we developed both the technical prototype as well as a prototype story. The project runs on both iOS and Android. The prototype story Viidakon väki kulttuurin jalanjäljillä (Finnish for; The Jungle Crew and the Culture Trip) is a story for children that guides users through the heart of Helsinki, getting to know the Jungle Crew along the way.

I worked on the project as a technical director and was responsible for the overall concept, general project management and programming in React Native.