Pixelate/Pixellines AR

As Facebook released their augmented reality tool SparkAR I couldn’t resist the temptation to try it out. I’ve been playing around with OpenFrameworks, GLSL shaders and ARKit development on iPhones, but the ability to distribute these augmented reality effects easily on Instagram is amazing.

As a tryouts I created these two Pixelate & Pixellines filters which are fully made in SparkAR. The constructed node-network is based off of one of my GLSL shader tryouts and was converted to SparkAR. This was made before SparkAR actually gave authors access to the framebuffer, so turned out like a bit of a hacky setup that was later (automatically) converted by SparkAR to include their shader nodes.

By sliding the finger left <-> right the resolution of the pixelation can be changed. A long-tap changes the effect from purely applied to the person segmentation, to all-screen encompassing.

The effects can be used on Instagram and can be found on my Instagram profile.