Gaze-tracker R&D

Research & Development project

One-week project together with Pekka Lammi researching a variant of user-tracking techniques and real-world raytracing. By making use of Posyx sensors on the user, we were able to determine position in 3D space with centimeter accuracy and include head orientation. By using an ordinary webcam and openCV we added iris tracking. Feeding all of these translations & rotations into our program we could calculate the users gaze.

Via a read-in XML file the software automatically constructs a 3D map of the room with correct placement of projection surfaces. These all contain their own FBO and can all be separately broadcasted to their designated projection through Syphon servers.

Code was written in C++ (OpenFrameworks & OpenCV) and hardware was mounted on a repurposed cap for this demo.

– Pozyx developer kit
– Logitec B525 HD Webcam